The product that will optimize waste management in environment sector.

Because we are aware of the environmental concerns of your company, we develop Siger.

Full-featured product of Waste Management, adapted to the environmental area and applicable to Waste Transfer Stations, Recycling Stations and Collection Centres.

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Integrated Waste Management System

Designed to companies that deal with recovery and waste treatment on a daily basis and to which the environmental concerns are a constant.
The architecture of this system model allows to separate responsibilities by profile/business area, as well as to integrate new modules/features that customers might need.

Specs and Features

Do you want to maintain a decentralized operation and guarantee the reliability and consistency of ...


The BackOffice is the central system that enables a centralized management of all information; Includes all definitions and basic settings; Allows centralized management of all information;
Installed at the headquarters; Synchronizes new definitions with all branches and receives all documents centrally issued.



Allows the release of weighings, transfers and other documents relating to the business area; The FrontOffice works in Store and Forward mode, i.e., the data are stored locally allowing a significant decrease in the number of communication with the central services; Integrates via synchronization modules with central;



The communication is assured by an automatic integration system of two ways, according to the time frame set by the user. The Reporting Module allows you to analyse all the information on a centralized and up-to-date mode.


Card Module

Card definition identifying the client, car, circuit, origin and/or residue;
Automatic issuance of weighing documents by card reading.


Contract Module

Authorization control for loading / unloading by contract creation;
Licence control of authorizations of European Waste List code by client


Monitoring Module

Management of circuit characterization plans for waste designation;
Registration of readings concerning monitoring activities;
Static reports for monitoring and characterization for parameters control.

Advantages and Benefits

Lists and Forms

  • Price lists;
  • Definition of articles by type;
  • Rates management;
  • Clients, vehicles and works validation;
  • Access by user group;
  • Configurable documents;
  • Credit suspension;
  • Client suggestion;
  • Works management;
  • Fixed navigation system allowing multi-views simultaneously.

Fully configurable forms and lists
Allows you to change the place of fields, filters and groups as well as to print or export into various formats (Excel, PDF, etc)


  • Integration of Information in the central;
  • Reliability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Integration;
  • Optimization;
  • Profitability;
  • Safety;
  • Traceability and cost reduction;
  • Integration with ERP;
  • Automatic notification to the Tax Authority;
  • Emission of file SAF-T PT;
  • Software certified by the DGCI (No. 959).


  • Administration
  • Exploitation
  • Security
  • Synchronization
  • Contracts and Cards Monitoring
  • General data
  • Integration
  • Entities
  • Weighing documents
Advantages and Benefits
Case Studies
Proven success in several companies, meet some of our customers.


ALGAR is responsible for the reception, recovery and treatment of urban waste of Algarve, covering an area of 5 thousand square metres and more than 450 thousand inhabitants.
Proven success in several companies, meet some of our partners.


The consortium with EVOX allows us to present a more comprehensive solution by integrating SIGER waste management with EVOX waste measurement technology.

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